Since forming in 2009 in Modiin, Israel, CANINE have been making a name for themselves by defying convention, creating their own distinct sound and never settling for anything that was just run of the mill or ordinary. Rather, the band have stretched the boundaries of their sound, through the trials of line-up changes and military service in the IDF. CANINE has established themselves as a powerhouse of the metalcore scene, while incorporating a healthy dose of groove metal, nu-metal and post-hardcore into their signature sound.

n November 2017, CANINE released their debut The Uprising and immediately set out on tour throughout Israel. 2019 marked a new beginning for the band as a four piece, touring Russia with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.

As CANINE breaks new ground and forges ahead in their career, they will do so with a sense of determination and defiance. Throughout 2023, the band will explore themes of addiction, depression, the weaponized power of religion, but mostly chasing your dreams no matter the circumstances, trusting in your friends and loved ones and never backing down.

After 4 years of intense work in the studio, experimenting with different production methods and recording techniques, as well as many personal hurdles, A new album was born and will be released in 2024 marking a new page in the band's career, both sonically and aesthetically.

Beside the music, Canine are all about putting the best live show possible and are known for the energy and force that they bring to the stage.

CANINE is: Ben Saada - Vocals, Eliav Torjman - Guitars, Nir Leberstein - Drums, Roee Scharf - Bass.

Genre: Metalcore, Groove Metal, Nu- Metal,Post - Hardcore.

Influences: Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, Architects , BMTH, Linkin Park, Trivium, Slipknot, Lamb Of God, Pantera, In Flames, Gojira,As I Lay Dying, Disturbed, Behemoth.